How a Cabbage Leaf Can Heal Breast Mastitis

Breasts are very important and sensitive part of a woman so their health is a priority. Less attention to the breast may lead to very dangerous disease like Breast Cancer which lead to loss of a breast or worse leads to Death.

Today we will talk on how a frozen cabbage can cure Mastitis.
Mastitis is a bacterial infection that affects women who are breast feeding and in rare cases men, it usually affect a single breast. mothers are usually affected on the first 3 months of breast feeding, it causes lactation of milk.You might also have fever and chills.
Muscle underneath the breast

Most mothers when they are affected by Mastitis they usually stop Breast feeding but this is not advised at all, breast feeding should continue. to cure this just take a frozen cabbage leaf and insert the leaf in your breast and leave it there, this leaf provides relief on the inflamed breast, Unclogging the milk Duct and flushing out the infection.


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