Shapetris Game, The Unusual Yet Cool New Game Experience

If you are looking for a cool new experience on mobile games then Shapetris is definetly a game for you.I made Shapetris with only one thing in mind, a simple game that can be loved and played by anyone. This game is made using Unity Game Engine


The objective of the game is to rotate the white triangle and make a smooth collision with the yellow triangles.
 It might seem simple but its quite difficult at the beginning. The idea is to align the triangles to form a smooth collision as seen on the image above.

The Challenge

There are two challenges, the first is that only smooth collision can make you earn score and coins. When a sharp edge of one triangle collides with a plane of the other triangle that is game over.

The second challenge is the moves count. You are given only for rotation moves. This challenges a player to think carefully while rotating the white triangle and any misuse of the rotations is Game Over!

There are three hardness modes:
  1. Easy: This is what every person would expect, the white triangle is at the near bottom of the screen and it does not move. The yellow triangles are falling from the top of the screen and you just have to rotate the white triangle to have a smooth collision and ear some coins for the moves that are left un used.
  2. Medium: In this mode the white triangle is at the center of the screen. You have to rotate it as in Easy mode to form smooth collision but this time yellow triangles are spawned from the top and the bottom. The while triangle is still in one position. This mode is abit more harder than the Easy mode. Sometimes i think its abit more harder than the Hard mode too!
  3. Hard: In this mode, yellow triangles are spawned from both the top and the bottom of the screen. While in Easy and Medium mode the white triangle remained stationary, in hard mode the white triangle is initially moving from bottom to top and changes direction when it collides with a yellow triangle to the opposite direction. 
In all the three modes there is progression in spawning speed in order to make the game more challenging and fun to play.

The Prizes

Inside the Game there are actual code snippets that i used to create this game. A player gets a chance to see a random code snippet and get a sneak peak of the actual source code used. This is a very good reward for game developers who will be playing this game.


The game still needs to be polished and will be available on Google Play soon. You can still go download and play my first game called 2 Rockets. 

Thanks to Blackthornprod for arranging and hosting his very first GameJam. Go check out his channel and make sure you subscribe for Game Development videos.

Here is a short Gameplay video. You can download the game at 


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