The Titan Key From Google is Now Available on Google Store for $50

Source: Google

Google has launched a branded hardware security key for its Google Cloud customers last month. Now, anyone can get their hands on the two-factor token through the Google Store.

The Titan Security Key, a two-factor authentication (2FA) token that should improve your security and make it harder, if not impossible, for hackers to breach your online accounts that support 2FA protection.

Sorce: Google

Titan Key is built on FIDO open standards, Google’s Titan Security Keys work with several popular browsers including Chrome and ecosystems like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and Gmail to enhance security. They’re also compatible with Google’s Advanced Protection Program that launched late last year for users with high-value accounts.

The key bundle comes with a physical USB security key and a Bluetooth security key—one for your primary use and one for safe keeping.


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