Four Things You Need to Know About Vivo, The Bezel less Phone

1. The Hidden Motorized Front Camera

The Vivo has a hidden camera that can be reviled when opening a camera app and trying to take a a selfie. The camera reviles itself by sliding up. Some may like this feature as far as privacy goes. But cant this last for long, a question about durability.

2. On Screen Finger Print Sensor

Vico has managed to make the screen also a fingerprint reader. This has never been done. Vivo says that they have aimed at making the whole display a finger print sensor. Vivo has reported that they have been at this and they hope to make the whole display able to scan your finger prints.

3. Double Finger Print Scanning 

Yes, Vivo has made it possible to add two fingerprints and use them both to unlock the device. This innovation can secure your device even more and make sure no one can access it without your permission. If you dont eel like adding two fingerprints, you can still go with the old traditional mode of using either password or pin

4. The 3.5 Headphone Jack

The 3.5 headphone jack is still adapted by Vivo on this prototype. While other companies like Apple have decided to throw away the 3.5 earphone jack, Vivo has still embraced this making it possible to just use your phone listening to your favorite songs using the old traditional earphones you have lying around.


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