Learn Javascripting With Google Grasshopper Mobile App

Most people who wonder about how to learn coding end up with a pile sources which most of the time are either hard to understand or are paid webinars. Google has made it even more simpler with their new tool called GrassHopper.

Grasshopper is an app made by Google for both iOS and android devices which will teach you how to write Javascript code by using a series of interactive puzzles.

"Grasshopper comes from Google's experimental Area 120 workshops, and the incubator has broken down the intimidating world of coding into an approachable series of mini-games. While there's certainly a sense that the app is aimed at children, there's nothing to stop people of all ages from using it as an on-ramp to coding." BetaNews

"Adopting a style similar to language apps such as Duolingo, Grasshopper not only gamifies the learning process, but also offers incentives in the form of achievements. It is not an approach that will work for everyone, but for a gentle introduction to JavaScript, it's a nice way to dip your toe in the water to see if you want to proceed further." - BetaNews

Find out more on the Google Grasshopper website, and download the free mobile apps from the App Store and Google Play.


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