10 Trends To Watch In The Next Five Years

7. Serverless Architectures

The rise of "function-as-a-service" platforms such as AWS Lambda or Azure Functions will bring the cost of DevOps to its bare minimum in the following years. Building your apps within such a framework helps to develop, deliver and scale services seamlessly for a fraction of the cost. The platforms are not there yet for massive adoption, but the trend is growing every day. - Andrey Neverov, Trucker Path

8. Deep Learning

Deep learning and machine learning have a huge role to play. With data volumes already overwhelming businesses and yet constantly increasing, we’re going to see more organizations looking to algorithms to do the heavy lifting and unearth actionable insights. The manual approach of having armies of analysts identifying intent, reading and classifying data by hand is neither scalable nor cost-effective. - Tim Barker, DataSift


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