10 Trends To Watch In The Next Five Years

Its no lie that ever since the innovation of smart devices there has been a significant rise of newer and newer innovations and trends over the past few years. But when we think about the future, it really is a maze that has a lot to uncover. Here is a list of the expected trends in the next five years to come.

1. Chat Bots And Conversational Interfaces

I think there will be more conversations with computers and technology that emerges to automate even more of our daily processes at work and in life. This is starting to be used now but is still not widely adopted. It will take more artificial intelligence to push this trend forward. - Chalmers Brown, Due

2. Virtual Reality

Technology usually takes off when businesses figure out how to make real money with it. I predict this will soon happen with VR, as it's already starting to be used in business communications, retail, entertainment, sports, health and other industries. It has the potential to completely change how we work, shop, play and consume media. And it's going to get here sooner than most people think. - Alexander Kharlamov, Mark43


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